Certified Pedorthist

Jason Mitcham, CPED

Jason Mitcham is an ABC Certified Pedorthist with 20 years of experience in the Podiatric field and retail management.  Jason was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  He married and left the area in 96′ and after moving to different areas of the country due to his spouse being in the military, he stopped in Killeen, TX. There he began work in 2000 as a Podiatry technician at what is now Baylor Scott & White Hospital. Due to the large clinic needing additional practitioners, he began his schooling and graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2003 with his certification in Pedorthics. At Scott & White, he was part of the design team that opened a Pedorthic Footwear facility there in Temple and Killeen, TX.  In 2011, he moved to Duncan, OK to begin work at Duncan Regional Hospital to take over the Pedorthic clinic (Advanced Medical) which at the time only filled prescriptions for the local area.  When he left Duncan to come back to his home, Advanced Medical was a main source of Podiatric treatment that served Southwest OK and Texoma area (United Regional Wound Care Dept-Wichita Falls, TX).  Also, was the main retailer of the city and surrounding community for high-end comfort (supportive) footwear.

Jason is excited to be back home with family and doing things with his two adult children.  He can’t wait to start hiking fourteeners again and skiing.


Oklahoma State Unveristy-2003

Clinical Background:

Certified Pedorthist-2003 Present

Areas of Specialty:

​Footwear and footwear modifications

​Lower extremity orthotics and the interaction of these devices

​Offloading Wound Care

Retail Footwear Management

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