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Below you will find links to resources the professionals at Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services in Colorado Springs recommend regarding information about orthotics, prosthetics, and related topics.

Orthotic Services

Educational Resources

Orthotic & Prosthetic Care

This organization is dedicated to providing helpful resources for patients, the public, and payers regarding orthotic and prosthetic care. Visit this link to learn more about the O&P profession.

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information and advocacy. The mission of the Association is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Diabetes, click on this link to learn more.

Amputee Coalition

The Amputee Coalition (AC) is a national, non-profit amputee consumer educational organization representing people who have experienced amputation or are born with limb differences. The AC includes individual amputees, amputee education and support groups for amputees, professionals, family members and friends of amputees, amputation or limb loss related agencies, and organizations.

Limbs for Life

The Limbs for Life Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fully functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.

National Scoliosis Foundation

The National Scoliosis Foundation (NSF) is a patient-led nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children, parents, adults, and health care providers understand the complexities of spinal deformities such as scoliosis.


This resource offers accurate and reliable information on orthopaedic health issues to the general public. This site is hosted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Spine University

Spine University is a great resource to obtain information on common problems related to the spine. This organization is associated with Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group Spine Center.

Vascular Surgery

This website offers information to patients regarding vascular health information. This resource is provided by the Society for Vascular Surgery.

National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability

NCHPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability. Our goal is to provide you with options and information to help you pursue whatever kind of activity you think you would enjoy.

Wounded Warrior Project

The mission of this organization is to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

CAF raises money to help people with physical disabilities pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and competitive athletes.

Disability Today Network and Active Living Magazine

The Disability Today (DT) Network is an online village like no other – the disability community’s first social media network.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.

Susan G. Komen Foundation

For more than 20 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has been a global leader in the fight against breast cancer through its support of innovative research and community-based outreach programs.

Official U.S. Website for Medicare

This is a consumer beneficiary website that provides access to information about Medicare, Medicare health plans, contact information and publications.

Disaster Preparedness for Person with Disabilities

This link houses a guide for including persons with disabilities in disaster preparedness planning. This guide is offered by the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities.

Post-polio Health International

Post-Polio Health International’s mission is to enhance the lives and independence of polio survivors and home ventilator users through education, advocacy, research and networking.

Medline Plus

Resource for all types of health issues

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American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC) is the national certifying and accrediting body for the orthotic and prosthetic professions. Visit this link to learn more about this credentialing organization.

American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists

The American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists is dedicated to promoting professionalism and advancing the standards of patient care through education, literature, research, advocacy, and collaboration.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Group of America

The Orthotic & Prosthetic Group of America is a nationwide network of more than 1,300 independently owned and operated orthotic and prosthetic facilities.

American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association

The American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) is a national trade association committed to providing high quality, unprecedented business services and products to O&P professionals. Since our founding in 1917, we have worked diligently to establish ourselves as the voice for O&P businesses.

National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education

The National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) is the accreditation body for the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) profession. As such, its primary mission and obligation is to ensure educational and residency programs meet the minimum standards of quality to prepare individuals to enter the O&P profession.

Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics

The Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics is an association of professionals who are involved in clinics providing prosthetic-orthotic care for children with limb loss or orthopaedic disabilities.

Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

This is the official website of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, American volume. Click this link to search for journal articles on bone and joint surgeries.

What to Expect

Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services

We take the guesswork out of the orthotic and prosthetic process. Our deep level of engagement with our patients enables us to help you understand what to expect when you receive an orthosis or prosthesis.

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Since 2000, Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services has helped hundreds of patients overcome trauma or the loss of a limb with custom-fitted orthotics and prosthetics. We love hearing their stories of courage and triumph.

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