Other Services

In addition to fabricating custom-made orthotic and prosthetic devices, Audubon provides other related services and products for our patients:

  • Repair and modification of orthoses and prostheses
  • Monofilament sensory testing to diagnose diabetic neuropathy in the feet and prevent amputation
  • Leg length discrepancy measurement to determine if a foot orthotic is necessary or to help create a properly-fitting orthotic
  • Gait analysis to determine if there are any biomechanical abnormalities of the lower extremity
  • Bone growth stimulators to help heal fractures
  • Leg caddies – also known as a knee scooter, this equipment is an alternative to crutches for those who have an injury below the knee

To learn more about our products and services, call Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services in Colorado Springs at (719) 867-7335 (Briargate) or (719) 622-4578 (Lake Plaza Drive). We welcome walk-ins at both locations during our regular business hours.